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Snorkel are a south London based collective whose members come from different corners of the alternative scene, bringing together the tactics of improvisation, electronica, and sound art. Propelled by the drums and the rhythms generated by cheap samplers and drum machines, the band revel in the joy of angular repetition, throwing in elastic interruptions on guitar, trombone, analogue and digital synthesisers and vocals.

Described as “…the missing link between Krautrock and Lee Scratch Perry” [Rock a Rolla], Snorkel was formed by drummer Frank Byng in order to explore and develop strategies for improvisation using flexible line-ups. Taking their methodology from legendary bands like Can, Soft Machine and This Heat, they like to play unrehearsed extended sets in non standard venues. 

Frank Byng: Drums/Electronics

Ben Cowen: Keyboards

Ralph Cumbers: Bass/Keyboards/Trombone

Tom Marriott: Trombone/Electronics

Roberto Sassi: electric guitar/Electronics

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One Long Conundrum
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