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May 2022

Snorkel reboot. Frank, Ben and I in the studio after 3 years break. Snorkel has mutated and it's now a trio

September 2022

Abstract Concrete album is mixed!

October 2022

something noisy is cooking... I have recently started rehearsing with a new trio with Alex Ward and Jem Doulton. Stay tuned!

I have also recently reconnected with old Vole buddies Colin Webster and Andrew Lisle in a free improv format. 


25 June 2022:  Snorkel @ Avalon Cafe - London

30 June 2022:  Abstract Concrete @ CafeOto - London

14 August 2022:  Abstract Concrete @ Supernormal Festival

1 October 2022:  Abstract Concrete @ New River Studios - London

10 December 2022:  Abstract Concrete @ CafeOto - London

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